82 Quakers turned out on Sunday to oppose the “Unite the Right” demonstrators. Some of us were in Freedom Plaza, and some were in Lafayette Square. Many of us sat in a circle in Lafayette Square in silent worship while others held banners saying “Quakers for Equality” and “Love thy neighbor, no exceptions.”

We came from many local meetings, but we were joined by Quakers from as far as Philadelphia and Roanoke. A number of other counterprotestors sat and joined us.

Jamie Stiehm, a reporter with Creators Syndicate, wrote:

Turning to leave, I ran into a circle of Friends — also known as Quakers. As part of the counterprotest, they were holding a meeting for worship right there in the square — in silence, and anyone could speak if moved by the spirit. A Navy chaplain was among the group. They invited me to join them at the meetinghouse for supper. The lentil soup was excellent, and so was the company. I am always happy to be among Friends.